Yoga for Writers

When I discovered yoga I was already a writer. So I’ve seen the differences it’s brought to my writing. I’ve used yoga to undo the stresses and strains of sitting in front of a PC and of writing by hand. I’ve used yoga to help me learn how to sit better when I am writing, to bring awareness of my physical health into my practice of writing. All of this was intentional, necessary. It allowed me to keep writing. What I didn’t anticipate was the side effects of a yoga practice. That making space for awareness, movement, breathing and stillness would have a huge impact on my creativity. These two blogs explore some of the connections between yoga and writing. They were written from the perspective of what helps me as a writer.
At the time of writing, I was also teaching yoga.


Yoga, meditation, walking, lingering near water, near stone, near trees.

‘And what’s the connection between writing and yoga? I was a writer before I discovered yoga, so I’ve seen the differences yoga has brought to my writing. Yoga works on two levels, the body and the mind. Yoga teaches you how to ground yourself, how to sit well, how to breathe well. Yoga stretches unlock the body, helping to counterbalance the physical strain of writing. And for these things I am grateful, but yoga also creates space, brings balance and a level of dispassion, increases awareness and helps me to occupy the stillness and solitude which is part of a writer’s life.’ Read More

The yoga workshop planning muse

Some weeks ago I taught a Yoga for Writers workshop. In the lead up to the workshop I drafted this post about the very early stages of planning this workshop. Read more.